IT Infrastructure


All our computer workstations are of latest configurations with 21” LCD color monitors, our servers are higher end with real-time back-up facilities.

Our dedicated FTP server hosted in USA provides easy and fast communication between us and our clients. We provide Dedicated FTP Server access for each Client.  Predefined backup policy, disaster recovery plan as well as real-time backup of data both offsite and onsite ensures availability and security of data.


Our network infrastructure is built on redundant Network and Power backups, our delivery centers are equipped with redundant Hi-speed Internet Connection of up to 200 Mbps. Our data network is supported by a layout of Cat VI cables, Switches, Routers and Hardware Firewalls.


Infrastructure is equipped with sufficient power, which is then backed up using redundant DG sets, Series of 25KV heavy duty UPS continuously provide filtered power supply.


We have taken utmost care in handling the clients data, our infrastructure is secured by Access Control Systems, Firewalls, Fire Alarms and Burglar Alarms.

Delivery and TAT

Quick Turnaround Time as low as low as 12 hours, we are able to manage the quick TAT by running our services 24/7, delivery teams work in rotating shifts.

Quality of Service

We assure you of quality services, we have implemented certain quality policies and processes.

Proof of Concept / Trials

We would be glad to work on trials or proof-of-concept (POC) without any cost implications to you, to showcase our ability to deliver bigger projects (Free Trials).

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