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Image Editing Outsourcing Services

Image editing services are one of the most commonly outsourced tasks that are carried out in the industry. The scenario is the same in global marketplace. However you may not entrust the task to the first one that comes your way. Instead you have to find out the best in the trade that can give qualitative image editing services at affordable prices. As image editing and restoration is a sensitive task, you may need experts with ample of experience toperform image editing.

Tiein2india HDR Image Blending Services

HDR Photo Blending Services

The High Dynamic Range image is the one which is created by blending an image sequence of photos taken at different exposure values like various Shutter Speed or aperture. All the photos individually in the sequence shall cover a part of the dynamic range of the scene photographed. All these are blended to give a HDR image output, the output will enhance whole image details. This blending can be done in specific photo editing software or also with specialized HDR blending Software.

Why HDR is important for your business?

The benefits of giving a HDR image to suit your business need are many. Very few of them are listed below:

  1. Your website will possess a complete picture which is beautifully enhanced by us.
  2. Most importantly, using HDR Services, a sequence of pictures photographed at various exposure levels get blended and thus resulting in a more vibrant, clear and crisp photographs.

We support 3 exposures, 5 exposures, 7 exposures and 11 exposures while blending without an impact on the pricing. At TieIn, we have best of designers, and research teams to make an impact for your business.

Retaining Window Details is done as part of the HDR image blending services.

Flamient Photo Editor for Real Estate - Outsourcing

Flambient Photo Editing – Ambient Plus Flash for Real Estate Interiors

The process of Blending (combining) a Flash Layers with Ambient Layer is called Flambient editing. These days more and more Real Estate photographers use this technique, if they shoot flash image and ambient image, you can quickly combine in Photoshop to get the best of both the shots. Both flash lighting and ambient lighting have their own distinctive advantages, but with Flambient editing, you can not only have the advantage of ambient light but also of flash light of course without the shadows.

The Flambient editing works with just a few layers (just to add a tinge of flash) to 100 or more layers, it works well with large Architectural interiors, especially to highlight specific areas or objects. By adding a tinge of flash to your ambient images you will add that extra zing of brightness, color and contrast to your images. We at TieIn2india have the experience of working with several Real Estate Photographers and Architectural Photographers from US and Europe with this requirement and every time we are being appreciated for our exemplary work, we have blended or edited right from 3 images to 50 images.

Blue Sky Replacement / Adjustments

It is not always we get to see a perfect blue sky in any photograph of a Real Estate property landscape without any blemishes which may be gloomy, dark or grey. It is good when we have bright blue skies in the background of our photographs, but grey days are inevitable. We at Tiein2India specialize in Sky replacements / adjustments using our experience to give the property that perfect look with a perfect Blue Sky. The Property gets that perfect sunny look and we ensure it looks as natural as it is. We also work on old photographs to recapture the discolored beauty.

Landscape Image Enhancement

Taking photographs of urban landscapes especially of properties is great challenge in outdoor photography. There is challenge of properly exposing for contrast lighting conditions, it can often be difficult to capture in detail in both the highlight and shadow portions of an image. With Landscape photography it is common for scene being photographed to exceed tonal range and exposure is a compromise between exposing for detail in either the lighter or darker portions of the image. We at Tiein2India give you perfect looking images in post processing using various techniques that we have mastered over the years.

Twilight Photo Corrections

The Photograph taken usually at dusk / sunset is known as Twilight Photograph, a Twilight photograph is usually taken of the exteriors of the Real Estate property to showcase the landscape, swimming pools, fire pits and fountains. The Twilight photographs grab the attention of the buyer, since it gives them an additional perspective while looking at prospective of buying / renting the property.

We at Tiein2India bring out the magical feel and mood created by the natural light during twilight hours to the photographs of urban landscape and natural landscape. We also work on blending of bracketed images of twilight photography. There are instances where we convert the day light photography to twilight photography by infusing sky change and appropriate lighting based on the client requirement.

360 degree Panorama Stitching services

“Any Real estate property website visitor who gets a 360 degree panoramic view of the property is highly impressed and it in turn empowers them to an experience of physical presence in the property without being actually present in there”
In 3600 Panoramic Imaging Services, several normally enclosed photos are merged and sewed simultaneously. They overlie each other where no closure is noticeable. This is named Panorama Blending Services.

The prospective buyer of the Real Estate property will be taken through a virtual e-tour of your property or place, while this will offer them with a chance to enclose a gaze of your site, service or product through a broad panoramic outlook.
360 Degree Panorama photo stitching services provides one of the most effective means of showcasing real estate properties, it empowers the prospective client to explore the finer details of the property. We at Tiein2India are professionals in the arena and use state of the art technology to achieve this.

We present higher 360° image services or Panorama Stitching Services for creating your ground or assets belonging’s panoramic point of view. We possess a competent and professional group for performing spirited 360 Degree Photo Stitching Service. They hold the competence in sectors as- 180 degree and 360 degree photo stitching services, 360 degree panoramic stitching, panorama unification services, etc. We in addition present separate or total package resolutions for panorama Virtual Tour Services contributors and panoramic photographers.

Tiein2india team can endow with you through the following featured 360 Panoramic Imaging Services.

  • Stitch up manifold rows of images
  • Make Gig pixel panoramas from hundreds of images!
  • Constant sphere-shaped 360×180 degree panoramas
  • Build 360 degree cylindrical landscapes
  • “Horizontal” partial panoramas

The standard output of Panorama stitching is .mov format, we can convert them to Flash or QuickTime formats as per client requirements. Our Panorama Stitching services include Real Estate Panorama, Still Stitching, HDR Panorama and 3D Virtual Tours. We also specialize in creating virtual tours of the facilities of Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Clinics, and Educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities.