Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Whether you’re an individual physician or running a long-term care facility, we can help meet your specific needs. By outsourcing your transcription needs, you can free up your time to do what you do best – providing patient care. We understand that in medical transcription outsourcing, customization is the key and every physician is different. Identifying your unique needs, our team of medical transcriptionists offers medical transcription services, customized to your requirements.

Understand The Basics Of Artwork Before Choosing The Provider

Before taking any move in this regard it would be pertinent for you to understand the basics of artwork and how it works

•    99% accuracy with good audio
•    Flexible pricing options on transcription
•    All transcriptions can be done domestically or internationally
•    Customized turnaround times (anywhere from 24 hours or less)
•    High level of security
•    24/7/365 technical support
•    Affordable pricing with cost savings of 30% to 40%

Customized Assistance, Secure Transcription

Whether you require the transcription of comprehensive history and physical examination details of patients, or the transcription of office notes, we can provide professional and complete transcription solutions within the set time period and budget. Once the transcription process is completed, all transcripts go through a stringent QA program to ensure maximum accuracy.