Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

Optical Character Recognition

Tiein2india provides high level of accuracy in Optical character Recognition (OCR). An OCR converts any handwritten, type written material into a mechanically coded text. These services enable us to feel a book or an article. OCR is a process that translates image of typewritten text into machine-editable text, captured at a high speed. We can accurately collate information from paper archives, resumes, applications, forms and address labels. We constantly persevere to monitor progress and consistently to adhere to quality.


Experiencing the high resolution images and end product results is our assurance. Your affiliation with us would be mutually beneficial for optimizing simplified and effective business solutions.

Outsource Optical Character Recognition Services include:

  • Document management using OCR Services
  • Hand Print OCR Services
  • Music OCR Services
  • Typewritten OCR Services
  • Internet publishing OCR Services
  • Digital Document OCR Services
  • Cursive OCR Services