Jewellery Retouching

Jewellery Retouching Services undertaken by Tiein2india ensures that the artistic and aesthetic value of jewellery is retained. Our expertise in the field enable you to market your jewellery on a platform that is creative, dynamic, alluring, hard hitting, breathtaking and attractive , leaving your clients spellbound. Your display of jewellery can be converted into a magical memorable extravaganza of beauty and poise if you let our team of experts weave their threads of gold to make your product a winning model. We enhance and touchup jewellery and accessories for advertising, brochures, catalogues and websites, etc.

We can provide tailor made packages in the following areas:

Removing backgrounds to make the product image ready to use on catalogs, brochures and print advertisements, websites.


Improving snapshots

Correcting uneven exposure


Cleaning up scratches

Repairing small and large cracks

Erasing mildew spots

Increasing sharpness and fine detail.

We provide you with the best of services at competitive rates.