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Vector Services

During the last two decades digital imagery has advanced by leaps and bounds. The trend is omnipresent in every sector of the commercial world no enterprise can expect to make it good in the competitive commercial world without taking help of qualitative digital imagery.

Why Raster to Vector Conversion?

When tiein2india provides raster to vector conversion it will give you the following advantages.

The conversion is hand drawn and cost effective
Irrespective of size and type of job we ensure quick turnaround
We ensure high levels of accuracy
We provide accurate layer information
Text in the converted contents is accurate and editable
Line types are accurate and editable
Images come with associative and adjustable dimensions
It generates associative batch patterns that are editable
We give you symbols and blocks of various standard components
Title blocks would be as per the scale
Vector output is fully editable

Advantages of Vector Images are

These images are scalable
They are not restricted by specific shape or resolution
With advancement of technologies vector images are much more realistic today

East Or West, We Are The Best

When it comes to Raster to Vector Conversion, tiein2india would be an ideal solution for you. We offer the best services in converting raster to vector irrespective of the type of industry or the size of project you have. That is what makes us the leading raster to vector images outsourcing partner in the industry.


We Are Serving Multiple Industries

We are serving multiple industries such as architecture, civil, mechanical, and electrical among others converting raster to qualitative vector. The images that we create are not only of excellent quality but also flexible that can be easily modified or adjusted.

Why Choose Us For Raster To Vector Conversion

tiein2india is providing raster to vector conversion services to clients worldwide. Major reasons for our high popularity are as follows

Our image conversion is error free
We deliver results in time bound manner
Our technical team is always present providing support, assistance, and guidance to the clients opting for the raster to vector conversion services
Our services are one of the most affordable in the industry
That is why our services are used by several clients not only from the country but from around the world.

Easy and Convenient Conversion of Raster to Vector

We can easily and conveniently convert the CAD drafts created in raster formats into vector generating sharp and clear images. The images thus created have different layers that are digitally editable and it helps securing them for future uses.

Huge Formats for Vector Conversion

tiein2india can generate different image formats. The formats supported include

IMG    ► JPEG    ► PDF   ► GIF   ► PCX    ► TIFF    ► PICT    ► and Others


Error Free Vector Conversion

We can convert error free raster to vector in case of logos, graphics, lit-ho, clip arts, and web icons in to convenient vector formats. Advantages of our vector image-sis that they are easily editable and can be modified as desired by the client.
We differentiate special objects from the drawings and maps putting them in separate layers according to the needs of the client.

Maintaining uniformity in vector images

To maintain uniformity in the vector images we use various layers in it such as

Electrical as well as lighting fixtures
Doors and windows
Other layers in the images


Highly Skilled Professional Experts at Work Front

Tiein2india has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals that include draftsmen, architects, and engineers among others who are apt in this specific segment of raster to vector conversion.