Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

Desktop Publishing (DTP) Outsourcing Services India

Tiein2india offers the finest and the latest specializations in desktop publishing (DTP) to serve to its customers, the best and resonant results. We have been offering DTP services to diversity of verticals and orientations and have always endeavored to make the transitions at the earliest. Our experience is therefore continuously enriched and this makes us a leading brand.

Desktop publication services have evolved almost as an art in response to the wide arrays of canvassing and publication demands. Our graphic designers possess the worthy skills and creativity to unleash the finest art every time in your favor so that your initiatives are never hampered. You could also benefit through our expertise and skills. Would love to serve in all our capacities!

Why Choose Tiein2india For DTP?

Tiein2india DTP professionals take complete care to ensure in depth and intrinsic customization of the products so developed. This makes the graphic product fully compatible with the needs of the seeker who benefits by achieving the correct canvassing/advertising and messaging initiatives. We do the visual speak for your brand and aims! In accomplishing this challenge, our designers and DTP artists pool their wits and skills to determine the best orientation and concepts of relevance. After securing the necessary appurtenances including the software suites and platforms, a finely customized product is offered. This surely has helped Tiein2india to stand tall and different among the market rivals. Look out for the whole range of DTP services at our professional desk and take away the best.

What Tiein2India Offer

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

We are distinguished in using all the Publishing Software to create professional in newspapers, books, e-books, journals, product catalogs, technical manuals, brochures, newsletters and covering all the languages etc.

Page Formatting

we engage in the designing of the pages for different orientations like for the cover of the magazine, brochures , prospectus and report cards of diversity. The best in class software suites are employed to make out the demanded columns and graphics to generate fine depictions.

Graphic/Image Placement

your content could be enriched and made into a superior one by offering the animated and image insertions. We can have that done for your banner and signboards. This will enhance the appeal towards the beholders.

E-Book Development or Formatting

these days, web has offered to provide a ready medium and e books have become the medium of canvassing at the web pages , newsletters and other concepts of relevance. We at Tiein2india offer a custom development of the e books that are made out to suit the devices configurations and diversity of screen sizes and resolutions. We also offer dynamic and responsive e books for the web pages .

Graphic Design for Online Publishing

the aesthetically superior web pages and backgrounds require the art skills while employing the DTP suites and functions. The designers at Tiein2india carry worthy experiences to their credit and make possible an appealing graphic design cum content for the online publication purposes.

PowerPoint Design Services

allow us to make effective and high resolution PowerPoint presentations for your conferences, events and projects of entire diversity. Your banners, logos and trademarks would appear as lively as in your brochures. Also, the depiction chronology is taken care of!

PDF Creation & Conversion

we engage in PDF creation and also offer the resonant conversion to other formats to suit the requirements of different tasks.

Microsoft Word Amendment

we offer MS Word amendments at short notice. You can get your authentic documents corrected or augmented with the required information at our service desk.

PDF to In-Design Conversion

our designers are adept at importing the PDF content to the open design canvasses to allow greater flexibility in the application of the design functions and tools.

PDF to Word Documents conversion

PDF to Word Documents conversion services are also available to suit the specific application dimensions that may be demanded by your initiatives.

Font and text design

fonts and text design services are offered for the book publications at very economical prices.

Outsource Desktop Publishing Services include:

• Multilingual DTP services
• Text Formatting Services
• Typesetting Services
• Magazine Design
• Company Newsletters Design
• Brochure Design
• Digital Publishing Designs
• Monthly Magazine Design
• Poem Book Design
• Newspaper Publishing Design
• PPT to DTP Conversion

• Pamphlets Design Services
• Catalogs Design Services
• e-Books Design
• User-Manuals Design Services
• Language Conversion
• PDF to DTP Conversion
• Word to DTP Conversion
• Annual reports Design Services
• Flyers Design Services
• Office stationary
• Merchandise designs
• Invitations Designs

We offer whole range of DTP tasks for the Windows, Mac and Online platforms.

Salient Features of Our DTP Services For You

High Quality

our specializations and skills ensure the fulsome quality and assurances.

Flexibility and Customization

there is complete conditioning of the DTP services to suit the core requirements.


our team is always ready to serve at short notice and can handle the bulk demand.

Cost Effective

cost if always economical when seekers compare us with others in the market. For that reason, we also cater to the overseas clients through bulk orders.

Dedicated Project Management

we escort as the project partners for the specific and online publishing demands in real time.