Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription

We at Outsource cater to an international segment in providing audio transcription services. We convert into text, points of discussions at conferences, interviews, meetings, symposiums, lectures, TV shows, radio broadcasts and other socio-economic/socio-legal mooted points. Audio transcription proves beneficial to business houses, public relation companies, law firms, consultants, advisory firms, educators and academic institutions. Post assessing our clients requirement we covert the audio format into text. We offer our customer’s choices of unabridged versions or cleaned/screened versions of the material transcribed.


An unabridged version of the audio would be a verbatim translation of the material at hand. This would be inclusive of the fillers, expletives and unprofessional, un-parliamentary language. A screened or cleaned version of the audio translated would exclude fillers, expletives, unprofessional and un-parliamentary language making it reader worthy.


We add value to our service offerings and hence understand the client requirements. We ensure to complete projects undertaken in a cost-effective, prudent, accurate, efficient and effective manner. We also understand the necessity of maintaining confidentiality and non disclosure of privileged information.

Outsource Audio Transcription Services include:

•  Business transcription

•  Medical transcription

•  Video transcription

•  Audio transcription

•  Business meetings transcription

•  Meeting calls transcription

•  Church sermons transcription

•  Interview transcription

•  Television shows transcription

•  Radio broadcasts transcription

•  Discussions transcription

•  University researches transcription

•  Research transcription

•  Customer service calls transcription

•  Media transcription

•  Financial transcription