Health Care Creative Services

Health Care Creative

Tiein2india has been extending its creative support for the medical organizations including the hospitals and research institutions in publishing generic content-sand information material of diversity. We are among the limited numbers of service providers that offer very authentic contents for both print and digital mediums for hospital industry. We employ batch of specialist writers that are well aware of the formal quotients that are the hallmark of the med organizations. We have been therefore successful in offering the relevant marketing and informative matter as a complete creative service outsourcing.


We Offer Creative Service for Your Needs of Diversity

The initiatives pertain to public domain marketing, public awareness oriented content marketing , canvassing and other initiatives of customized relevance. We also help publish the online journals together with your authentic contents and other requisites. We are ready at our creative service desks to support your objectives with all specialized pursuits.

How We Deliver Our Creative Service?

We have specialized to serve towards the needs of hospitals, clinics and medical companies like pharma-production and surgical caterers among others. While working on objective demands for each client, our team of expert writers and designers take into account, the real intentions that are required to be fetched and incorporated. We then serve the resonant products. While we offer dedicated contents for different purposes, our team also ensures the integration of the visual elements like the images and picture galleries as and where demanded in the content. Just place your demand and we would deliver accordingly.

Our Print Media Publications


Information brochures at the reception tables

Hospitals and clinics necessarily require information brochures at their reception desks and visitors’ lounges. We help formulate the same for you in accordance with your service orientations and ‘in house’ norms. The brochures are developed in simple language; and here in India we offer dual language support as per your demand. You can have English and other languages also as the translated formats. This allows for easy communication with the lay visitors.


Manuals and guidelines books

We generate authentic patient manuals that reflect your identities and make aware the visitors/ patients of the rules and regulations adopted by your service-organization. Our team always prefers a discussion with the clients to understand their requirements profusely. We then represent the facts in the desired manuals and/or guide handbooks. Specific patient manuals are also offered by our team for any specific medical procedure.


Bannering regarding events and camps

We have been in the forefront to help the medical service institutions in their outreaching campaigns. If your organization is hosting a health check up camp or other event of relevance, then we are ready with whole range of creative skills in the form of bannering, posters, leaflets and others.

Our Digital Media Publications For You


Authentic content writing for digital branding

We are undertaking outsourcing services for the medical organizations and clinics to propel targeted digital branding campaigns. Our writers generate fine-marketing oriented contents and icons (including thorough graphics designs) so that branding emerges good and robust.


Content generation for ‘digital content marketing’

We have been maintaining reliable links with the med specialists in diverse medicine and surgical specializations. Our team can offer very authentic words and in simple languages so as to enhance the effect of content marketing.


Web contents for the hospital websites

We also offer web contents for the hospital and pharma websites of B2B and B2C orientations. The information is presented through finely navigable functions so as to develop a user-friendly and informative website for the medical/ hospital organization.

Tiein2india takes up requests from

Hospitals and clinics
Pharma companies
Med research institutions
Donor and support organizations/ frameworks