Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

Outsource Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

Desktop publishing employs the use of specific software with the integration of graphics and content to create and/or develop publishable documents. We at Tiein2india create these publishable documents compatible for printing, providing you with cost effective and efficient desktop publishing solutions.


We are distinguished in using all the Publishing Software to create professional looking newspapers, books, e-books, journals, product catalogues, technical manuals, brochures, newsletters and etc.


With a foot hold in diversified desktop publications, spruced with our years of experience, we provide viable options to our clientele. With the support of state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team of DTP and Typesetting professionals, we have accomplished our deadlines by efficiently executing our deliverables. Our DTP Projects are uncompromising on quality and standard. Our business affiliation with your organization would be a milestone towards global leverage. With our brief introduction to Outsource Desktop Publishing projects and freelance, we hope to deliver quality DTP Projects to our buyers and providers. If you are a Desktop Publishing consumer then post your job for FREE Trial and get access to Tiein2india. In order to understand our client’s business needs and enhance business opportunities, we also offer to have your own person working in our office for a flat monthly rate. You provide management; we provide the person and the infrastructure.


Outsource DTP Services include:

  • Text formatting Services
  • Desktop publishing and typesetting Services
  • English to language conversion Services
  • Monthly magazine preparation Services
  • PDF to DTP converting (with different software) Services  |  |