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High quality, cost effective call center outsouring service solutions

Globalization has led many foreign companies to outsource their call center services to India and thus India has become the favorite destination among the global companies to outsource their call center services owing to its highly competent customer care executives and affordable call center outsourcing services. Tiein2India is one of the pioneers of the call center services in India and has vast experience in managing client relationship functions for many global client firms across various industries. So if a  company is looking to outsource its call center services to India ,the firm is the best call center services provider offering comprehensive range of services like inbound call services, outbound calling, web chat ,telemarketing ,email support services, disaster recovery services, technical support customer service etc.












Why Tie-in 2 India

We will ensure a smooth Operational process which can save 50% to 60% on the Operating cost.

You can concentrate on your core business while we will show a huge difference in your budget and also ensure quality service

We will provide well experienced, trained dedicated team of outbound and Inbound call center representatives who work on a 24×7 x 365 basis.

All calls are monitored and recorded for your references.

3 levels of quality check of the calls are ensured by the managers and you can review the same on a real-time basis.

Various trainings sessions are organized to make sure that our team are well versed in meeting your goals.

Proficient in communication, selling and marketing

A qualified graduate who has good computer knowledge.

Bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement to ensure security of information.

Our managers carry 13 years of experience in Outbound and Inbound campaigns with reputed organisations.

Our agents are experts so we address them as Sales Experts or Customer service Experts.

We are a team with the same vision and goal, we believe in Customer First, Think Big, Make a difference everyday and always carry a “CAN DO ATTITUDE”. We are confident in exceeding your expectations.

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Real time reporting with calls monitoring system

  • In fact outsourcing call center services has many additional advantages and with 24*7 phone call services it provides the best option to reach to wider number of customers all across the globe which will further translate into better sales and higher client conversion ratio.
  • Outsourcing call center services help the companies to transform their business operations and to achieve high level of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The objective of the call center is to provide the best call center services that beat the client’s expectations enabling them to increase their customer base and reduce the cost of operation.
  • The highly expert and dedicated employees of the call center handle the client’s inbound and outbound calls and thus enable the employees of the client company to perform other important core functions of the organization without any kind of disturbances .

Offers an array of services

  • Call center provides an array of services like fixing the appointments, lead generation, customer support, cold calling, after sales services etc. and provides an effective solution to the problem of after office hours phone traffic and that too 24*7.
  • The call center company provides its clients with multiple business benefits like better quality, low operational costs, operational transparency and all the employees of the call center undergoes highly stringent training processes to achieve high standards of work performance and operational efficiency helping the client businesses to realize the business goals

24*7 client support system and fully customized services

  • The firm is catering to small, mid-sized and global business companies across various industries and provides them top notch call center services at highly affordable costs.
  • The company has an outstanding track record in the field of technical support and calls center support services and has been resolving the customer’s enquiries with prompt responses.
  • The high performance team of the customer care executives and marketing professionals render unmatched customer support services and through the utilization of the collaborative approach and customer centric philosophy ,the employees of the call center extends uninterrupted customer support all the time and results in the positive growth of the client business.

Gain competitive edge

  • Tiein2India offers high quality call center services solution to the client at an affordable cost and that too without any compromise on quality.
  • The call center employs the latest IT technology and the state of the art infrastructure that renders high quality customer support services round the clock giving the client organization a competitive edge in comparison to its competitors.