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for all your graphic design, print media and multimedia needs
We specialize in graphic design, content writing, transcription, multimedia solutions like audio and video editing. In its relentless pursuit to perfection, Tiein2India is rediscovering itself to become the ultimate one-stop destination for total multimedia solutions.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

Our desktop publishing outsourcing features effective page layout, graphic design techniques, placement and control of text, typography, fonts, graphics and file formats.


Transcription Services

Identifying your unique needs, our team of medical transcriptionists offers transcription services, customized to your requirements.


Illustration Services

If your organization is on the hunt for an illustration service provider who can understand, conceptualize and depict your ideas effectively, your search ends right here.


Multimedia Creative Services Wrapped in Customer Service

It’s been said that “ideas are easy and execution is tough.”

It doesn’t have to be – if you have the right people on your team who are ready to step up to the plate.

The world is full of talented people and it isn’t hard to find a company with the technical expertise to pull off a solid marketing/product launch campaign. What is difficult is finding a group of “creative types” whose design & communication style and work ethic give you confidence, and whose work culture is in line with yours.

At Tiein2India, we approach each assignment with fresh eyes. Every project has its own set of challenges and as we move from one situation to the next, we know we have to be prepared to run the gamut of budgets, deadlines and technical challenges. We also appreciate that depending on the size of the company, the project could be managed by a seasoned committee or a single frazzled owner who is being pulled in a hundred directions.

We work with virtually every size company, from large corporations to mom-and-pop businesses. We work with creative agencies, corporate organizations and publishers, providing solutions to make their businesses more profitable, efficient and compelling.We re-purpose brand assets across different media and across different languages to ensure that there is consistency in brand usage and identity. Regardless, success comes with good design & communication, while customer service remains a priority.

Outsource Desktop publishing services (DTP), Illustration services, Vector services, Image/Photo Services, Creative services, Data entry services, Transcription services

DTP Services

Desktop Publishing

With vast experience in desktop publishing, Tiein2India has emerged as a professional design and desktop publishing company, creating publication documents…

Data Entry services

Date Entry Services

Our Data Entry Service encompasses, Data Entry both online and offline, Data Processing, Data Mining, Data Conversion, Catalog processing, Digitization and Conversion,

Artwork Services

Artwork Services

We create all types of Graphic Designs. Various types of brochures, leaflets, posters, packages exist in market, categorized either according to their layout or the intended use.

Transcription Services

Our team is capable of converting documentaries, films, reality shows, news, podcast, talk shows, radio broadcasts, interviews, television shows, etc. into well documented formats.

Illustration Services India

Illustration Services

If your organization is on the hunt for an illustration service provider who can understand, conceptualize and depict your ideas effectively, your search ends right here.

Video Editing

Outsource Script writing, Story boarding, Set Design & Construction, Make up artists, Wardrobe stylists, Video Editing, Animation and Music Composition Services

Photo Editing

Image Editing

With the increase in business operations, performing image editing tasks in-house can prove to be very difficult for you. Besides, photo studios and other imaging professionals…

Content Writing

Tiein2India’s content writing services assures goal fulfillment. We deliver professionally written quality content that connects with your readers, compelling your target…

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