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Tiein2india the best outsourcing partner for a hoard of distinct services. As one of the best outsourcing agencies we help you to build up better business and earn greater profits expanding the database of customers of your enterprise. We are a DTP, Call Center, Imaging, Graphic Design, Health Care, Transcription, Data Entry, Print Media and Multimedia needs that is customer friendly and help execute all your ideas converting your dreams into reality. When you engage us you get a creative team that can work wonders for your business using innovative ideas and best and most advanced technology


Why Choose Us

It is not difficult finding talented people for outsourcing, but what makes us unique and best choice as outsourcing partner are the followings

► When you choose us you get a team of creative people designing the best in every sphere for you improving your growth, reputation, and income generation.

► We approach each assign    ment on its merit and deal each case differently.

► Client satisfaction is our sole motto and we will only deliver the best irrespective of the type and size of our partner enterprise and the project entrusted to us.

► We adopt cross media advertising and brand promoting approach with good design and communication system.

► Our customer service is one of the best in the industry and our prices are most competitive in the entire industry.

Our Service

Any talented entrepreneur would appreciate that it cannot handle everything on its own. Therefore entrepreneurs often opt for expert services on those aspects of business to offer a comprehensive solution to their clientele. We handle the following domains with our expert professional services:

DTP Services India

Desktop Publishing Services

That comes with a host of canvassing and publicity processes meeting all requirements of client.

Graphic Design

graphic designers creating finest art works for you attracting customers to your products and services

Artworks Services

 There are many talented artwork professionals in the country. But finding the right one could be a daunting task.

Vector Art Services

Converting images into high quality vector files that are extremely suitable for printing, engraving, and web designing etc.

DTP Services India

Call Center

Globalization has led many foreign companies to outsource their call center services to India and thus India has become the favorite

Image Editing

are one of the most commonly outsourced tasks that are carried out in the industry. The scenario is the same in global marketplace.

Transcription Services

Whether you’re an individual physician or running a long-term care facility, we can help meet your specific needs.

Health Care Services

creative support for the medical organizations including the hospitals and research institutions in publishing generic

How we Can Help

Web development and internet marketing are specialist job and that is where we step in with our vast experience and expertise in the field. We have a team of highly proficient and professional experts who can assist, guide and lead you through the process of all types of web promotion and latest techniques like social media optimization effectively and will be at your side at real times whenever you need them. With us at your side you will never be stranded for want of resources or assistance.

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Graphic Designing converges the client’s needs and portrays the mission statement of the company or the service attributes of an organization. Tiein2india specializes in designing Graphics to suit your specifications. An integration of aesthetics, forward thinking and...

Photo/Image Restoration Service 2 India

Outsource Photo/Image Restoration Service to India specializes in old family photograph, which was once the prized possession, is now lying upside down because of the wear and tear – don’t worry we can restore the photograph for you. During a usual photo restoration or photo retouching, we always adjust color, sharpness, and brightness lev

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Convert Image 2 Vector illustrator

Outsource Image Vector Services is a process by which Images are converted into high quality vector files suitable for printing, engraving, embroidery, web design, CAD, illustration and other purposes. Our designers and artists precisely recreate your designs,...


Desktop publishing employs the use of specific software with the integration of graphics and content to create and/or develop publishable documents. We at Tiein2india create these publishable documents compatible for printing, providing you with cost effective and...